Ultra Lean Nutrition Manual Download

Ultra Lean Nutrition Manual contains everything you need to know about nutrition .

To transform your body and achieve greater health, wellness, and the ability to achieve low levels of body fat without loosing your muscle mass, you have to resist the body's natural state of wanting to store body fat. This book will show you how to go against that natural state, and develop a deep understanding and connection between nutrition and your training goals. 

So how dedicated are you? Do you really want an ultra-lean physique? This isn’t a diet you can just turn on and off when you feel like getting in great shape. This is a lifestyle, a labour of love...but the results are totally worth it!

Included within this book

  • ŸWhat foods to eat, portion sizes and when to eat them
  • How to calculate your daily calorie needs and compute your macronutrient ratios
  • ŸThe key to carb cycling and how it can improve fat loss
  • Ÿ4500 meal combinations: Follow this plan and you will not go hungry
  • ŸHow to achieve the right balance between low body fat and feeding your muscles
  • Why you shouldn’t reduce calorie intake too much
  • How BCAA’s differ from other amino acids – and what that means to you
  • ŸWhy not to increase cardio training at the same time as making diet changes
  • ŸThe role of supplements and Rob's top 20 recommendations
  • Top 20 Nutrition FAQ's
  • 240 pages