Ripped Fat Burner
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Ripped Fat Burner

First launched in 2012, Ripped is a safe and powerful natural fat burner that has been exclusively formulated for True Performance Nutrition. It performs the job of 3 products in one:
• Fat Loss: It’s proprietary blend of active fat burning ingredients increases the breakdown of body fat, making them available as fuel for the muscles.
• Energy: Our unique energy blend enables you to feel energized and focused without a sudden spike and crash.
• Water Weight: We’ve also included dandelion leaf extract that acts as a natural diuretic to flush out toxins and help reduce water retention.

      About RIPPED

      Ripped contains 6 different active ingredients that are commonly used in weight management supplements, such as Acetyl L‐Carnitine and CLA, but rarely all used at the same time.
      This unique formulation allows body fat to be broken down and metabolized as fuel more effectively, without the use of any strong chemical formulas. 3 active ingredients make up the unique energy blend, helping to keep you focused and alert. 
      This can help increase your fat burning efforts during times of increased exertion such as cardio and weight training when your perceived rate of effort may be increased due to your mood and mindset.
      We’ve also included a blend of electrolytes alongside dandelion leaf extract to help reduce water retention that can often be a contributing factor towards weight gain.


      Ripped was formulated to most effective when taken before cardio as stored body fat can then be metabolized and used as fuel during the cardiovascular activity, while the proprietary natural energy blend helps keep your focused and alert allowing you to push yourself harder for longer, providing a greater environment for fat loss. 
      Take 1 serving of Ripped 20 minutes before starting your cardio training. Make sure that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and allow the active ingredients in Ripped to become fully activated. If not regularly performing cardio, you may take 1 serving of ripped 20 minutes prior to a morning meal, or weight training. We recommend using Ripped for 3 days before allowing a 1-day break.
      This can help stop the body from becoming too accustomed to the unique formula within each serving of Ripped, which like many sports supplements, can lead to an over-reliance on and lessen the results overtime. If you know to be sensitive to any of the ingredients within Ripped, start off only taking 1 capsule as a serving, and build up to the recommended dosage over a period of several days. This will allow you to test your sensitivity and tolerance.