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We're excited to announce that True Performance Nutrition has changed its name to Bserk, again.


As many of our fans remember: we launched Bserk last year, we merged it with True Performance, and then changed it back to True Performance. Confusing, indeed. More about this a little further down the post.


First, I wanted to take the time to acknowledge the efforts and hard work our team has put into planning, designing and developing our new identity. A paradox of restless days and regularly pulling all-nighters – It sucked.


Bserk 2.0 is a fresh identity that represents the current breadth of our services, as well as everything we aspire to become. It also marks the fundamental changes that have happened within our company in the past year.


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If it isn’t broke… Fix it anyway?


Four years ago, we built the first version of True Performance Nutrition. It was built on a WordPress site with the worst possible layout and user experience.


Our goal was to provide people with products that will make their fitness journey easier.


It was a primitive setup but good enough to connect people with our business. A medium to prove that there was a need for the problem we wanted to solve. Who doesn't want to lose fat, right?


Our first product launch was for Ripped Fat Burner; the product that quickly became one of our top selling products over the next three years.


To date, we’ve sold to over 10,000 customers.


It was clearly working, and people seemed to like the results. But last year we decided to change the way we do things.


There’s a difference between good and great. Ripped was good, and the steady sales we were getting from it were good. But staying ‘good’ is mediocre. To stay on top, you have to keep innovating new things. If you keep using the same strategies that helped you take off, soon enough, those methods will be outdated. So to keep the momentum going, we had to make the leap forwards to the ‘great’ phase.


That’s when Bserk first introduced.


Bserk had a great vision behind it, and we’ve spent countless hours redefining everything that needed to be changed.


The main reason behind the whole transition was because we wanted to do it. We wanted something different, and we wanted something fresh.


The moment has arrived. It was time to announce Bserk to the world. It was an exciting moment. But guess what? We heard nothing but crickets.


As you can imagine, we were overwhelmed. A month went by and the only thing we experienced was a decrease in traffic, and fewer people were able to find us on Google and other platforms. It felt like we’ve spent all day building a tower of cards, and right before you place the last card at the top, a gust of wind knocks down the cards from beneath us–It was harsh.



Connecting the Dots


So what happened? As a business, you constantly have to work and develop new ideas. You aren’t sure of how successful those ideas and products will be, and that’s ok – as long as you learn and grow from it. That’s the exciting part of business.


“You can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well-worn path.”


-Steve Jobs, Stanford Commencement Address Speech


With this compelling sentiment in mind, we know that as humans, we’re constantly growing and maturing, changing all the time to adapt to our surroundings.


So why not apply these same concepts to the business side of things to keep it alive and adaptable to the changes of the industry?


That method seemed to fit quite well with what we’re trying to do with Bserk this time. Connecting the dots from past experiences of what worked and what didn’t to be able to plot the dots of the future.


Being Transparent


A business shouldn’t just be a platform to sell goods. While sales and profit are important and necessary to keep a good business running, this focus alone will only pave the way for short-term success.


A great business, though, is more of a movement—inspiring actions, stimulating the mind and the body. A business that strives to be great can help customers grow as people, and develop their way of thinking. Helping them live more productive lives.


To be able to create that trust between the business and the customer, you need to treat that relationship as a friendship. The reason you like and trust your best friend is that you share your experiences with them — the good and the bad, that’s what creates a strong relationship. The same principle applies to business.


Because when all we see is the good—the polished end product, the sunny vacation, the new car—our expectations become unrealistic. We become bitter and envious of others. And we neglect thinking of the struggles they may encounter along the way to get there.


Unfortunately, in recent years the idea of ‘being transparent’ has dangerously been eliminated from the supplements industry (as many of you have seen) especially when it comes to marketing and telling your story.


It’s easier to hide behind the curtain when things go south, and they often do, instead of broadcasting it to the public.


It’s hard, but this is what we, as a company, try to stand behind. After all; the journey of building a great company is never pretty.


Building Bserk 2.0

To come back to the original question of why we’ve changed Bserk back to True Performance— we’re not quite sure honestly. It was a moment of hesitation and uncertainty. We wanted to bring True Performance to keep the cash flow to allow us to analyze and work on Bserk in the background.


We wanted a simpler and more diverse name. A brand name that is less generic that could appeal to a broader audience without giving the stereotypical supplements market’s impression. Fast forward to a month and thousands of cups of coffee later; we came up with Bserk.


Bserk: from berserk — stands for an old ritual warriors used to hype themselves up before battle.


Think about it this way, if Uber is the biggest “not a taxi company” company in the world, then Bserk is the biggest “not a supplements company” company around.


Bserk’s mission is to enable athletes to better themselves doing what they do by inspiring moments and creating innovative products to help them live a healthy lifestyle and reach their goals.


Our goal is to be the emblematic of a new order in the fitness industry, an online powerhouse for athletes who are passionate about living a healthy and productive lifestyle. We’re Truthists; always seeking and providing truth and value in everything we do and through every product we sell.


We’re Excited to Share the Change


We do our best to lessen the risk of any experiment we do. A lot has been changed and we’re excited to share this new journey with you.

Here are a few of the main reasons why we’re excited to always be changing, even when things are working:


Better quality. Better look

Improving the identity is pointless if your products remain the same. Last spring, we introduced Core: an improved and reformulated version of Ripped. What separates Core from Ripped, and everything else we’ve seen, is that it’s the first completely natural pre-workout training aid, with a fat-metabolizing formula developed using over a dozen botanic active ingredients, and boy do you feel it!

Oh, and the next batch will have a shiny looking Informed-Choice seal on it


You have a bigger Impact

Most businesses focus on attracting higher traffic to their website, which is good, but not necessarily the most effective method if you’re looking to establish loyal brand fans 


As you can tell by those metrics, high traffic is not necessarily the most effective because page views vs. actual views are two completely different things. You can have 1000 views but only 2% conversion—those are usually your actual market and previous customers, the ones who actually care and stay on the page rather than just bouncing.


The fastest growing brands are the ones migrating culture, changing the vernacular and turning predictability inside out. They’re not leading their respective category in the revenue column (yet) but they are, hands down, the ones attracting the most loyalists in droves. 


Layers by Bserk

Layers by Bserk is our new publication service. It’s a platform that will allow you to improve your knowledge and understanding of fitness, nutrition, and many other areas beyond just your physical appearance. We like to think about it more as life coaching in a sense.


You can sign-up for Layers Newsletter here and stay updated on the launch date and new articles!


Over to you

We have a lot new features to share with you, but this post is getting a little long, and you probably didn’t get to read all of it because you have better things to do—we know how it goes.


But if you did read it, Thank you.


True Performance will officially be migrated on 7/13/2016. We truly hope you like it.


Feel free to share your experience of a recent change you’ve made in your business; how did you endeavor it?


We would love to hear your thoughts and get to talk about the changes we’ve made. Feel free to contact us or comment below. Would you like to see any other changes? How can we improve your experience with us?



Yours truly,

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