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Welcome to BSERK!
I’m thrilled to announce that True Performance Nutrition has changed its name to Bserk.
We’ve been planning, preparing, designing and developing our new brand for many months and it’s exciting to finally reveal it to the world.
Bserk is a new identity that represents the current breadth of our services, as well as everything we aspire to become. It also marks the fundamental changes that have happened within our company.
We have worked hard to develop a culture that promotes true creativity and passion for what we do. Turning a good company with a good product into something great will only happen if talented people are inspired to be bold.
With a name that strides like a giant across a landscape of big brands and sports, syncs and shares alongside an audaciously elegant look that contrasts with the endless dreary blues of the fitness scene, Bserk leads by example. It is the standard bearer that will help transform and steady growth into true evolution and take our business along with our athletes to the next level.
What has not changed is our core offering, the reason why professionals from Football players to amateur snowboarders, regular working people to celebrities choose us to start their fitness journey and transform. Bserk remain as a media-driven company enabling athletes to better themselves doing what they do by inspiring moments and creating innovative products that make a difference.
We’ve got big plans to truly transform the world of fitness and extreme sports with ideas so exciting and innovative they needed a brand to match.
Say hi to Bserk.

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