Armed and Loaded: Grow Your Bicep in 2017 With This Powerful Circuit

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Want bigger biceps? Sure you do. This powerful 17-minute workout points you toward a chiseled pair of biceps. Believe it!

2017 is all about pushing boundaries for us. For that, we brought Bserk sponsored athlete, Rob Riches to push your biceps to its absolute limit in this 17-min bicep obliteration workout. 

Creating a bicep workout that will leave you spreading your arms like you're hugging an invisible barrel is easy. But frankly, any arm workout that suggests only following a list of crazy sets and routines without much thought to anything else is going to fall short of achieving hypertrophy. 

There are many critical factors and ways you can grow your biceps, and choosing the best exercises to follow can be a challenge if you're not aware of what to look for. 

Fitness Model and Bserk-sponsored athlete Rob Riches walks us through his New Years circuit workout for developing thick, full, well-rounded biceps that targets both the long and short heads of the bicep. 

The Power of Circuits 

You'll perform a couple of exercises for warm-up, followed by three circuits back to back with 1-minute rest in between. 

You'll progress the workout by performing your first circuit with the heaviest weights possible for 12-15 reps for each exercise, and focus on form and higher reps for the remaining circuits. 

"I prefer incorporating circuit training into my routine because you can get the maximum results in minimum time. That's efficiency." Riches says. And indeed it is, no one wants to spend hours at the gym, especially when it's packed with the Resolution goers. Circuit training provides high-intensity splits that maximize your strength and muscular endurance; it can also be included as a nice way to break out of your routine and to bust any plateaus. 


Perform the following circuit for 2-3 sets to allow the blood to flow into the body. Rest for 30 Seconds in between sets. 

Seated Supinated DB Curls

12 Reps

Under-hand Pull-Ups

12 Reps


Barbell Bicep Curls

12-15 Reps

Bicep Concentration Curls

12-15 Reps

EZ-Bar Prechers Curls

12-15 Reps


Standing EZ-Bar Bicep Curls

15 Reps

Alt. Side Hammar 

20 Reps


Single Arm High-Cable Curl

12 Reps

EZ-bar Prone Incline Curl

12 Reps

Rope Low-Cable Curl

12 Reps

Workout Notes


Straight Barbell Curl is the king of all bicep exercises. By fixating your arms to the side, you allow the movement to place its stress on the width of the bicep. Furthermore, employing a bit of coordination and balance. 

Focus on targeting the outer (long head) bicep when the doing the movement, avoid swinging your arms or body with the move to increase the tension on the muscle. 

The goal for this compound movement is to build width and mass, don't be afraid to go heavy on this set without breaking your form. 


Concentration Curls provide a different angle to work the muscle from compared to the standard seating and standing curl position. 

Standing in a bent position, as though you're doing a bent-over-rows, angle your elbows outward, with a fixed shoulder position, curl the dumbbell up toward the opposite shoulders. 

Lift as heavy as you can while keeping your form correct. This move along with the Straight Barbell Curl can pack your bicep with serious mass!



Preacher Curls is an excellent addition to this mass circuit to fixate the tension specifically on the peak contraction of the muscle. You can perform this exercise with your hands gripping the inside or the outside of the barbell. 

"One thing I like to do with the preacher bench is performing curls from the opposite end (arm against the shorter section of the pad, and usually at a steeper angle), sometimes known as ‘Scott Curls’ after the great Larry Scott"  Riches says. The steep angle this exercise provides said to increase the length of the short head which can pad out the space between your elbow and bicep. If you're like most people, this is a great move to add the necessary thickness to the lower section of the bicep. 

Standing Ez-Bar Curls

The purpose of this circuit is volume; to wear out your muscles by performing higher reps and focusing on the form of the movement with moderate weights. 

The Standing EZ-Bar Bicep curl will help add more tension to the overall width of the muscle by a shifting the stress onto the long head.

Pay attention to mind-muscle connection with this move. Don't just go through with the motion. Doing so will give you more control and a lasting pump you can feel.  

Alternative Hammer Curls

The key to growing your arms is by targeting the bicep from different directions. This exercise help places greater emphasis on the outer section (long head) of the bicep, as well as involving the forearms into the move. 

There are different ways to perform this exercise. A general note is to focus on alternating the arms evenly without jerking the weights. 

High Cable Curls

We've done mostly compounds and free weights up until now. The last circuit focuses on concentration. And there is nothing better to add definition to your arms than with the High Cable Curls. 

Focus on extending the arms all the to a full stretch without letting the weights rest on the weight stack. To intensify the feeling of this exercise, keep your elbow fixed within an invisible line connecting the shoulder and wrist together.


Once finished with the High Cable Curls, we're moving on to perform Prone Incline Curls to isolate the elbow flexion and strengthen the joints. 

This is a great complimentary exercise to the bicep that provides a change in grip and angle, which in return, optimize hypertrophy of the bicep. 

You can perform this with a straight barbell, but we chose EZ-Bar to place less stress on the wrists. 

Standing Rope Curls

Nothing better to finish off a bicep workout than doing Standing Rope CableJust like with all cable-based exercises, this one is ideal for making use of repetitions and form to keep the intensity high without moving huge weights. 

Stand a little further back and allow your elbow to pull forwards away from your sides so that your upper arms are at about 45-degree angle from the floor. Then focus on pulling the rope with your bicep. The freedom of this move allows you to target the bicep heads from a different angle with each repetition. 

Final Word

If you managed to survive this ultimate circuit workout, then great, you're on your way to a sore (and bigger) sets of guns tomorrow.  

You can use this circuit as a way to break away from your regular strength routine, or even use the it as an occasional "challenge" workout.

You can also break up certain chunks of the workout and use different pieces at different times. It's totally customizable, and that's what I call going Bserk! 

Happy 2017!


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