How NOT to Make New Year's Fitness Resolutions

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So, you're probably wondering, why bother then? I'll just hop off the treadmill, eat that leftover cake that's been sitting in my fridge for the past 3 weeks and embrace my dad bod. But before you do that you lazy bastard, I'll tell you why the majority of those people fail in accomplishing their New Year's resolutions and how to prevent your good intentions from turning into tears, more cake and abandoned gym memberships. Here are the some of the stuff you need to avoid for a healthier, happier and successful 2016!


Don't boycott alcohol


A lot of people jump onto the "Dry January" bandwagon, but who are we kidding? We tell ourselves we will stop drinking every weekend when we wake up hungover and can't move out of bed, but two hours later, we find ourselves pouring another glass of wine. 

Essentially, the idea of Dry January seems a bit extreme. Researchers from the Universty of Illinois discovered the natural compound known as resveratrol found in red wine could have numerous health benefits. Therefore, a ban on a fine bottle of Merlot seems a little hard. Since alcohol improves insulin sensitivity, according to Kyushu Universtiy study in Japan, which means our bodies become better at storing and using carbohydrates and sugars following a glass of gin. 

Now, I'm not telling you to embrace your alcoholism, all I'm saying is if you find yourself consuming two bottles of wine a day, it wouldn't be a good idea to just stop it starting January 1st. Because that will lead to binge cycle of alcohol-fuelled February celebrating your 31 alcohol-free days. 


Don't kill yourself following restrictive diets


The human body was never meant to eat through extreme rules and checklists. Therefore, you shouldn't follow your extreme soap-only-diet or other stupid diets that you found on the internet. 

If you drastically reduce your food intake your body will automatically reduce the rate at which it moves and burns calories. You effectively move less and slow down. 

Your crazy-restricted-diet will work and you will lose the pounds you wanted to lose, but that will only be followed by a cycle of binging and depression, meaning not only do you move less, but your metabolism slows down in response to severe calorie restriction following by weight gain, according to a study conducted by Oregon Universty.  

Read and learn about nutrition, don't just follow numbers and checklists and make sure you understand it's not the quantity of food you eat, but rather the quality of that food.  



Don't train every single day, bro.


I know, you're super pumped to start your resolution and you wouldn't skip a single day. But you have to remember that you're still just a human and putting too much stress on your body can do more harm than good. This includes taking good care of your immune system. Which ultimately prevents you from burning out. 

Exercising can stimulate the immune system. In fact, studies show that "Moderate exercise is associated with a reduced incidence of infection" - ISSN

So before you drink that pint of pre-workout and crank it up, you need to remember that you haven't taken a day off in weeks. Scientists claim all-out, balls-to-the-wall training can cause "temporary depression" of the immune system. "although elite athletes are not clinically immune deficient, it is possible that the combined effects of small changes in several immune parameters may compromise resistance to common minor illnesses."

Translation: don't over-train because you could damage your immune system and get KO'd by a common cold which could delay you from achieving your goals.


Lastly, don't believe the hype of a magical pill/diet. There's no secert. It's all about what you put in. As such, if you have something you’d like to change about your life, take control and do it. You have nothing holding you back from this supposedly better version of yourself that is living in the future.



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